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Thread: What's going on in Colorado...

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    Reminder to everyone come on over to Bob's house for the get together and swap meet on Thursday 5-8pm. Bring your old gear you want to trade or sell and enjoy the cold keg on tap! PM me or Tasche if you need directions.

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    We don't need no steenkin' permits... oh, we do?

    I swear, they must have a tracker on me.

    I was flying my little parkflyer at Rooney today, and was planning on flying the FT Explorer and then setting up my FPV rig and flying my QX90 and Aurora 100, when an animal control truck from Golden P.D. showed up. Awwww, here we go again...

    They came over and very nicely told me and ...Mike?... a flyer from AAM who was casing the field to maybe fly his new plane later that a permit from Golden parks dept. is now required to fly at Rooney. They allowed how Rooney is an excellent place for us to fly and we're welcome to, as long as we have the permit. Apparently it just started this summer.

    I looked on the City of Golden website and couldn't find anything, either in 'permits' or on the page for Rooney, which still just says that the park is available as an open park when the fields are not in use.

    Anybody else run into this? Has anyone found out what the process is? They said that we could apply as a 'club' and get a group permit. I imagine that COFPV would count as a 'club'.

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    Uh.. That's the first I've heard of the concept of a permit here. Instead what we got from the cops who dropped by on Sunday
    while we were flying is that drones are banned in all of Golden, and they will eventually start enforcing
    that rule at Rooney. There are a couple folks in Golden PD who are also RC pilots (one FPVer) so they're not going out of
    their way to run people off, but they're making it pretty clear they will eventually have to. If you can find
    out more about permits, I'm interested to hear more.

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    I just checked the Golden municipal code and there does appear to be an ordinance prohibiting drones in Golden Parks (not the whole city):

    Golden Municipal Code 8.30.030(p):
    Unmanned aerial vehicles. It is prohibited for any person to operate any unmanned aerial vehicle within any park without the prior written approval of the city manager.
    The full ordinance can be found here: It was just passed on January 26 of this year.

    I'm guessing the part about approval of the city manager is what they meant by a permit.
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    Beat me to it.

    I just found that too.

    Here he is:

    Jason T Slowinski


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    Snakes? You out there snakes?

    Some other things the officers said:

    Rooney is built on an old dump and full of nutrients and habitat for small rodents, and therefore Rattlesnakes. They recommend extreme caution when going out into the east field beyond the soccer fields. (And up onto the ridge)

    Being an old dump, it is generating methane, and the housings on the field are methane collection wells which pipe into the building by the entrance where the methane is flared.

    Future plans for the site include six more soccer fields and a dog park. Where the snakes and methane will go then was not discussed.

    They thought that Mines was building a 'Drone Field'. What that would entail, when it might be done, and who would be allowed to fly what was not known.

    One of the officers has kids who play soccer on the fields, and he said that the other team at one game put up a phantom over the crowd during a game. I said, (mostly to myself) that's what happens when you sell Phantoms at WalMart.

    That's all I remember. Just FYI.


    Snakes? if you're out there... I'm gonna put my toe out and you can give it a snaky lick... OK, you can bite it a little, but don't put none of your juice it it.

    -Bill Cosby in better days

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    1475 Orchard Dr. Golden CO 80401 is my address for the swap meet

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    I am the one at Mines trying to get a place for the clubs to fly aircraft at. So far, I have gotten the rules changed to allow outside people to come fly, but for now will only be possible at certain times during the week. Insurance was worked out over this summer.

    Most recently, the administration have been unresponsive on my requests to keep the process progressing, but I will try again next week.

    For now, the North IM field will be used for the occasional flying of smaller aircraft (race quads in mind), and can only be flown directly above the field. The other field we will have access to is the Survey Field, which is west of Mines Park. As many of you know, once we have a place to launch, then lots of that land could be flown including over the open space, however the faculty has advised me that Jeffco is not the biggest fan of people flying far away. Although they can't technically control it, they could complain to Mines and complicate things if people are flying long range up lookout and towards Rooney from the Mines field. Although I'd like to say we can do it, right now I doubt that flying long range from there will be a good idea.

    Although it's my plan to allow the public to fly there whenever they want assuming they follow a reasonable rule code, it seems the administration isn't quite comfortable with that unless it's at a set time and supervised by Mines students... I got rid of the stupid application they had made for anyone wanting to fly from campus that asked a bunch of vauge specs of the aircraft. I also sent in a revision to their drone policy to allow flying with a spotter with no VLOS requirement among other things, but the regulations haven't been updated yet on their website.

    I'll keep you updated, but for now, go ahead and find how to apply for permits to fly. I know a local hand launch glider pilot who got his permit to fly at a few parks closer to Arvada a few years ago.
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