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Thread: What's going on in Colorado...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vitamin J View Post
    Truly epic Carter! Following the ridgeline through the falling snow was one of the coolest things.
    Thanks Jimmy, and thanks to everyone else that commented on the video! It means a lot to me. Like the past few years I won't be able to make it to Hartsel because of school, but I have my Zeph and a mini quad so if anyone wants to do more meet ups over the summer I'd love to join.


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    Quote Originally Posted by prelator View Post
    So I heard some guys are getting together for a build day tomorrow. I don't have anything to build at the moment but I would like to do some flying. Anyone interested in meeting up Sunday afternoon? If the usual spot is still available we haven't flown there in a long time.
    COsniz and I were going to fly some mini quads Sunday AM. Unfortunately I turn into a pumpkin around noon

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