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Thread: Personal Bests V5 (LEADERBOARDS)

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    Feb 2012
    Welcome to the list Edward!
    My Videos:
    --> https://vimeo.com/user2421484/videos
    --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTlLcJj_WboUDre8JmfKg4Q/videos[/url]

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    Hi Tim,

    Would like to ask you about update of Special challenge - flight duration.

    My flight time 2h39m19s - video 16x accelerated: https://youtu.be/LU6qw-yNt-k

    My setup:
    Airframe: Fascination Topmodelcz
    Powertrain: AXI 2826/12, Aeronaut CC 14/8, Castle 40A, Li.Po 3s 8,4Ah/20C
    Controls: 1xHS85MG, 1xHS65MG, 4xHS82MG, 1xHK180°
    RF-Link: EZUhf 8ch div. 2x custom build dipole
    600TVL Sony, Partom 800 VTx, Circular Wireless-SPV1.2
    Vario: L1D


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    Great setup zlutyslamak!

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    Congrats zlutyslamak and welcome to the list!
    My Videos:
    --> https://vimeo.com/user2421484/videos
    --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTlLcJj_WboUDre8JmfKg4Q/videos[/url]

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    Thanks guys,

    new machine is already in development. Will take some time, and will be not ready for this season - gives me some time for training of thermalling skills with Fascination. The first 1,5 hour was good - have had burned approx 1,6 Ah - less than half of what i had burned in mostly motor-climb/sailing combination till end of flight (with some thermal but too less).

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    Fastest Ground speed

    Hey Guys, its been a while. I think I have a new record for top ground-speed.....Went out with the Funjet this morning with a 7x7 graupner 2650kv 36mm Leopard motor and a Graphene 3000mah 6s. Here is my new top speed: 384kmh or 238mph.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	vlcsnap-2017-02-23-11h47m09s74.png 
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    What camera are you using? What battery did you use last time? That's crazy fast! 250mph coming up next?

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    I was sure there was more in there...the ESC smoked the first time and I could see afterwards on the OSD that it was still accelerating, so fresh ESC and fresh pants: 401 kmh / 249.1 mph. It measures 320 amps at 20.6 volts...6600 watts peak.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	vlcsnap-2017-02-23-15h04m52s46.png 
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    Congratulations bro:-) 401 freakin kmh. Amazing!
    My people are going to learn the principles of democracy, the dictates of truth and the teachings of science. Superstition must go.

    The father of modern Turkey: Mustafa kemal Ataturk

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    Congratulations - can't wait to enjoy the video

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