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Thread: Foxtech 32channel 5.8ghz 600mw TX/RX combo compatible with ALL 5.8ghz gear out there

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    Wow I thought I could eek out a little more rc control on 2.4, my video is out ranging my control.
    Eventually I'll pony up for ezuhf.

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    There is a tiny bit of loss at each connector, however most loss is measured in the feet of coax even at 5.8ghz. Ive never used their antennas.

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    Mine should arrive this week. Then i will first just compare my old RC305 with the new 32ch Rx, to make sure, the new one is fine (i know some guys that ordered 5 new RC305 Rx and only 2 of them had similar range to my old RC305...the other ones gave much worse range).

    After that, i will open the 32ch Rx and try to find out, if i can hack it to get RSSI out. If this will work, i will order a second Rx for Diversity.
    Finally i will then change my wires/connectors in the plane, so that i can hook up that new 600mW Tx.
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    I just got this tx, and I see no audio input?

    How can I use this with my MFD tracker?

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    Just bench testing the rx gets really hot on 3s after 5min.

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    Mine arrived and my old RC305 has beaten the shit out of this new 32ch thing...


    My 32ch RC832 only gives me 50-70% of the range i got from my old 2.5 years old RC305 receivers and the RC832 of a flying buddy has the same, reduced range. Even new RC305 receivers perform worse than my old ones.

    And another buddy has tested the 32ch Tx with surprising results...on some channels it only produces 30-40% of its 600mW Power....on some other channels it does 80-90%.

    I'll sell my set and give ImmersionRC another try.
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    Goes from approx 5700-6000mhz, antenna you use will be tuned better to a certain range as you go outside that youll be putting less power out and more power reflected back.
    I dont have a meter to check that high though, maybe someone else can chime in, on 5.8ghz, how much swr changes through the spectrum, and with what antennas, vtxs.

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    Hi !
    I dismantled the receiver and attached a logical analyzer to the SPI lines, to see how the RTC6715 chip is set up. Based on the datasheet (http://www.flypix.co.uk/shikra/ftp/RTC6715-DST-001.pdf) it is possible to calculate the receiver frequency.
    Lets see :

    FR    ch1  ch2  ch3  ch4  ch5  ch6  ch7  ch8  ch9
    1    5865 5845 5825 5805 5785 5765 5745 5725 
    2    5733 5751 5771 5789 5809 5827 5847 5865 
    3    5705 5685 5665 5645 5885 5905 5925 5945 
    4    5739 5759 5779 5799 5819 5839 5859 5879 
    PARTOM RX 5719 5739 5759 5779 5799 5819 5839 5859 5879
    1.2W TX  5720 5740 5760.2 5780 5800 5820 5840 5860 5880
    I also checked the 1200mW video TX and the PARTOM receiver which comes with it.

    Conclusion : The Immersion channels are not precise. They have 1Mhz difference. In fact, the RTC6715 based receivers are not capable to set to even Mhz frequencies.

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    there is no comparison the foxtech is the clear way to go!

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