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Thread: Travis's QAV400"G" + Naza V2 + iOSD Mark II build log / photo updates

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    Travis's QAV400"G" + Naza V2 + iOSD Mark II build log / photo updates

    So.. I am building a custom gimbaled version of the QAV400..(400"G") see later pages for more details...

    It's official, I have done a torn down of my CC3D QAV400, and going to roll with Naza (Manual Mode tuned) instead. I am selling a bunch of my 400 parts to a buddy, who is also building one up.. and I am starting over completely. I should note, I am also building a QAV540G at the same time, with the same setup.. so I will have a nice matching pair when finished.

    No need to debate CC3D vs. Naza.. I have flown them both for months, and have my own thoughts on them, and feel I know where each one is strong etc..

    I am totally convinced the QAV400 frame is the best quad out there. It is an EXCELLENT performer.. and I have put it through its paces with the CC3D. I now, want more.. and want to fly from boats, and other risky stuff where a CC3D is just not a good choice. I feel that once I get it tuned properly in manual mode, I will have the best experience... :-)

    Stay tuned for a highly detailed, and neat build. THIS will be a challenge, as the flight controller, PMU, LED, and iOSD are a lot to fit on the frame, along with regulator, and a vtx.. LMAO. But, rest assure I will.. and hopefully get a star on the wall for best build to date. LOL. :-)

    Man, for all the cash I have thrown at Tim in the past two months, I should have some stock options with his new company! I guess as long as my wife still things these copters come out of gum ball machines I will be alright.

    Edit: and.. I just found out that the iOSD II has a built in BEC! I just tested on the bench with a 4S pack, and I can get 11.45V out for my FPV cam, and vtx!! Yeah! No more need for my power converter! One less to have to deal with on the frame! The iOSD diagram states as long as the draw is 1A or under, your good! The 300mw 1.3vtx draws apx. 500ma, and the cam 150ma. so.. I am happy!
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    Nice Travis,

    Look forward to seeing your build

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    Thanks Andy! Me too LOL.. I am waiting on paint to arrive tomorrow.. and then I can get started. Will be really cool, because the both my 400, and 540 will have the same basic setup.. and.. lol, the color's used on the builds will be inverted from one another. It will make more sense as I complete the production photo-shoot in the field.. but, they will look like twins in their own way. Should be really cool to see! I sure hope so.. LOL, I have spent so much time (forget money) on this QAV project... LOVE your frames!

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    Any more coming on your build Travis, would love to see as Im considering a QAV400 myself. Thanks.

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    Travis's QAV400 + Naza V2 + iOSD Mark II build log / photo updates

    Not yet. It's on hold. I have gotten delayed with painting plates, and dealing with paint cracking. So annoying. I now have to ditch the paint idea I think and just order up some plain black stock plates and start over. :-/

    All well.

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    Hey man as much awesome advertising as you give Tim maybe he would be willing to make a Travis Edition set of plates. You can get G10 in some other colors that might fit your needs and then no need to paint them. Are you using the latest versions of Naza firmware? I too want to have a Naza quad for those risky flights where a CC3D just falls apart. GPS mode is a very power thing... I miss it.

    Here is a source for some colored G10 by the way. http://www.mcmaster.com/#grade-g-10-phenolic/=o49kbv

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    haah Thanks! Yeah, I am giving up now on the painted frames. I have spent over $400 in frame plates alone to try and get it to work properly. Such a waste of money, and a PITA!

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    Maybe not.. I just could not understand why the paint on my 540G worked so well, with no cracking.. so I took another look and got some paint from the same type, and in a different color.. and now looks like I am set with the 400! So, I hope that in and around this next week to have most of it together, and then the only thing I am waiting on is Robert from UAVProducts to send me a new iOSD II, to replace the faulty one I had.

    Once again, this will be a really unique looking copter, and will take lots of pics of the build, and finished machine as well as a test flight video with all programming settings posted. Very excited!

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    Okay, some quick snap shots as I start the build..

    The paint issues are all sorted out, and I have decided to roll with a beautiful metallic "Ice Blue". This is the same as I had on my 540G, but a much lighter version. This works well with the black counterparts, and of course the orange accents of the bobbins, and Naza V2 hardware, which was a major consideration from the start.

    First, I start off with painting the frames. Using painting tape I mask down one side of the plates after I have sanded and washed each side. * The power board was just lightly sanded, and not washed. I am using "Testers" paint and it is a two step process. One base coat, and a clear sealer. 48hr cure time, and then I started my build..

    First, I attached the arms and confirmed that the paint would NOT chip away as I had issues with other test frames. As you can see this time around I have it perfect and now know about painting G10 then most LMAO! Yes, I actually went through THREE 400's to get the paint right. Yes, yes, I am crazy I can accept that, but at the end of the day I really did not want a black copter.

    After the arms were installed, I proceeded to braid the motor wires together as I have done on QAV's in the past. You don't need to do this.. I just do it as I feel there is a lot of current flowing through.. and keeping power lines tight together is always a good idea in my book. Another little advantage is that, god forbid if I have to "un solder" the connections later down the road to the ESC.. I can "un-braid" some wire, and gain back some fresh slack that can be re-stipped, tinned, and freshly installed once again ;-)

    Here is a pic:

    After this is done, I proceed to install the wire wrap for the "look" I am after... Here are some shots that kinda show more less what this will end up looking like in the end.. Obviously this is not finished at all.. but, it's just to show where I am going with it..

    Further thoughts.. I just wanted to make clear that this build is not intended to show the "best" way of doing anything, it is simply the way I do it, and if you have other ways of doing things, or other order in which you assemble.. thats fine, and no need to comment on here about it. I have built three QAV400's including a 540G, and I just have my own way of doing everything etc.. :-)

    Enjoy, more to come in a few days!!

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    What is the material called that you have wrapped the motor wires with? Thanks

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