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Thread: The TBS DISCOVERY PRO - brushless gimbal quadcopter

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrunoBL View Post
    DWB80117, misterx, don't get me wrong, I built and have been enjoying my Disco Pro, but like many people I have been missing the better stabilization of 3-axis gimbals.
    I understand that! In my case, I set my gopro to 2.7K and during post production I scale it down to 1080 with some stabilization!

    Ofcourse I know it's still the best to use a gimball. But I really still love my discovery. And for me it's the most elegant way of building and flying. And I don't like the idea of not being in full controll of the copter!

    But ofcourse I would love to see a succesor to the discovery family with a 3axis gimbal!!!!

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    ^^ +1

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    anyone here flying the tbs discovery pro with immersionrc 600mw 5.8 and TBS core pnp pro? please i need help with the wiring/setup

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    wtb new disco pro 2 with core pro integrated
    Taranis / EzUHF
    Penguin/RVOSD ; Disco/nazalite/ezosd; DiscoPro/nazav2/iosd
    All radio gear is ImmersionRC.

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