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    Quote Originally Posted by scmicromike View Post
    I was looking at an icharger 106b+, If I plan on doing parallel charging on 1300mah 3S packs should I really just look at getting the 206b+ to make sure I don't outgrow the 106 too fast?
    Not sure I am much help. I was in the same boat a couple months ago. Finally decided to just bite the bullet and go bigger. ProgressiveRC in Seattle has this combo that I went for ... http://www.progressiverc.com/the-neu...50w-combo.html

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    Thanks for the help. I got a great deal on a protek charger ($120) so I went that route. It is 100watts per channel and can do 12 amps max so it will fit my needs for now.

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    anyone tried hk reaktor 30a 1000w ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hans View Post
    Using your Apple i-whatever charger to put juice in a Gopro or Keychaincamera: Confirmed!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow, while rummaging around looking for something in the second floor of the garage I run across this. My first battery charger for NiCads way back in the day. Thought about throwing it out but maybe some collector of RC antiques might be interested?

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    Ive been in R/C (electric touring cars)since 2002 and have been through my fair share of chargers. Currently the charger that is very popular and reliable is the Icharger (306,406,4010 etc). Power supply is a must but i'm use to after all these years, i don't leave without one. The a/c chargers do the job but i don't feel they have the punch you need to charge fast. Keep in mind that i use 2S 6000maH 100C batteries that can handle 35amps(mandatory lip sacks required at races) charging. its a little extreme but with the load of these 4wd touring cars, the batteries gotta keep up. Just for $hits and giggles, watch this...

    Back in the day of 6cell Nicad or Nimh, none of the guys in the video would have finished a 5 min race!

    Im currently charging with a Hyperion 720i super duo3, and a Thunder power TP1430c. Both are excellent chargers so thats why i haven't made the switch. We tech our batteries at races to make sure no one has any advantages and both of these chargers are so accurate that I never have to bleed of voltage before they allow me to hit the track. 4.2volts per cell every time. Some races allow for 4.22, make an adjustment and bang, 4.22volts per cell. I usually charge at 1.5-2C charge rate depending on how eager i am to take a flight. I know my practices are a bit much but lithium polymer has come along way and the cells are way more stable today.
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    I have been using my two Triton chargers for what feels like forever. I have mostly been running gas surface so haven't needed much of a charger but now I'm flying multi rotor I am feeling I need to upgrade. I was thinking about buying a charger than can do multiple batteries at once. With the mini I go through packs quickly. I was looking at the HiTec X4 AC but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas for multi battery charging. The X4 is 230$ and was hoping for (A) some input from someone who might have one and (B) some more current alternatives

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    What's a decent charger to grab for a mini quadcopter build that will be running 4S 1200mAh 60/120c batteries?

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    Personally a huge fan of the IChargers, running a 406Duo and a good flight pack capable of at least 2-3c charge rates you can peak them out in under 30 minuets. On that same hand, something like the Venom or Hitec 4 port are functional for people only running FPV racers w/ 1350-1800mah packs, because they can charge several batteries at 2c charge rates.

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