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Thread: TBS Order Cap

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    TBS Order Cap

    So after a lot of braining and looking for solutions, we had to take drastic measures and close our shop pending shipment of existing orders and backlogs.

    With immediate effect there is a so-called ORDER CAP in place on the website

    It takes into account all pending orders, places the cap to a certain acceptable backlog size and prevents any future orders to be placed as long as the backlog is bigger than the acceptable level. The website shows an EXPECTED date when order backlogs will be below the threshold.

    This measure was not an easy one for us. But we feel that until our operation is properly set up in Hong Kong and shipping out orders faster is possible, this is the only way we can keep our sanity and at the same time offer the usual customer service that people have come to expect. Also, this decision was made keeping an eye out to huge future increase to our lineup, with the CAIPIRINHA having taken the first step in that direction. We need the resources available to properly prepare these new launches.

    We at TBS apologize for any downtime this causes. Since old orders can be given more focus now, we expect existing orders to be shipped out much faster.
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    Sometimes measures like this have to be taken. At least this way, you can move forward.

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    You should put the Info up on the Homepage of the Webshop

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    and i thought this was gonna be some blog entry about you guys ordering cappuccinos ...
    ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

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    Well done Trappy and TBS, that's means serious and professional application of decision-making process. Is better a trade-off between right "capacity plan", .vs. bad quality and very long order queue and dispatch (i.e. bad reputations and increased costs). A necessary step towards business process improvement, means business benefits for all of us.


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    Hi Trappy I was about to make a 2nd order on parts, marked in-stock. Hoping it will arrive a few weeks after I have received my first order For those who are building the Disco themselves, when will your store be accepting orders on parts to build?

    Ok i read your post again, so we can still place orders the only difference is that it will show a expected ship date when the item is backlogged?
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    shockdude, no it means we have X amount of orders in the queue right now, Y is the max allowed. Until X is smaller than Y, no orders will be accepted. We expect the order system to be open again in 4-5 days, with a daily cap based on the former explanation of "X" and "Y" This will avoid that we don't go too much into backorder, and it doesn't completely devastate the motivation of our shipping guys as the pending orders keep climbing even though they're shipping full speed

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    Thanks Trappy, I just had a play with the shopping cart, I get it lol its been a while since I felt like a kid in a candy store and been told NO CANDY FOR YOU!

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    Its both a good and a bad thing when a little hobby production blows up in your face, and everybody wants some of it Keep it up, keep developing and keep your prices / shipping affordable, then you will have massive success with your buisness! Big flow with less earning is better than small flow with big earnings, simple but important rules to follow, sadly a lot of companies forget that in the rush of triumph and the wish of being rich in a hurry.

    Actually, HK is one of those who has done it, and they have indeed grown the last few years.

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    You should call it a "sequester" instead of order cap.... lol

    Actually this is a very good idea. It's like an exclusive night club where the bouncer only lets people enter in small batches....
    No rest till every single electron is properly accounted for....

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