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Thread: TBS CAIPIRINHA - small flying wing

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    What's the issue with the stock ones? The ones I got seem pretty rigid. My plans were the same for all coro runners on the bottom - to glue on a strip of rubber door molding that you get at Auto parts stores. It fits perfectly and protects it even from landing on asphalt. I suppose it adds a little weight, but pretty negligible in the grand scheme. Is there another issue with them that I need to be thinking about? Thanks.

    My ABS print weighs 5 grams more than the coroplast, are sealed from dirt and will be stronger. I don't think the coroplast will hold up very well since they take the brunt of the landing and this is a heavy aircraft with a big lipo. But nothing inherently wrong with them. Not a big fan of coroplast so I usually replace them on my aircraft.

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    I updated the STL file for the winglet it was a couple mm's out here and there. Now it's an exact match. See post 4225 for new file.

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    Maiden SUCCESS! Uploading videos now will link when done.

    Great stable flyer. Requires a TON of reflex! Will give details when I link the videos. Love the Caipi2!

    Stops very quickly on landing which is a nice feature! You can come in hot and stop on a dime. Even with 1.8kg AUW my Caipi2 will fly a long time. Very happy. You will need a bungee launcher if you use a heavy setup like mine!

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