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Thread: TBS Discovery NAZA´s best Gains

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    Well I got a Pro finally, have tbs 100KV V1, 30A spider esc, 5200 multistar 4s, and naza lite w v2 FW. currently on APC 10X45 props but think Ill drop back to some 9" props. Its got lots of oscillation currently and still flies very sluggish.

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    I went with 9" graupners on my 1000kv's with lumineer 5200mah. used oliver Miami's gains and this thing flies like a gem. like it's on rails. my favorite bird to fly actually
    flyin HIGH

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    Just ran across this thread and hoped there'd be some info on settings for a LR setup but no. Awesome weather coming and hope to maiden my Disco on Sunday and here's my setup:
    Disco (not pro)
    Aerial Mob arms
    Marspower 3508 700 kv motors
    T-Motor 40 amp Air ESCs
    TGH 4S 35C 5000mah lipo (perfect fit)
    Naza-M V2
    Props? I've got everything from 8-15 inch. Starting with 14 inch CF and try different sizes once I get it locked in a bit.

    I've got no idea what to expect and if I'm going to need higher or lower than normal gains to start with, so anyone with a similar set up to get me started would help. I'll post some gains and settings once I get it dialed in a bit
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