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  1. Hey trappy, im concerned about my tbs discovery, i had sunnysky 980kv motors+3s lipo on 10x5 props and HK Multistar ESCs flashed SimonK, i upgrade to 4500mah 4s battery, the quad took of few meters and a leg broke i dont know why and a motor died. So i bought Tmotor 900kv and TBS Bulletproof ESC. The quad flies well but its not steady as before, a bit wind can make it wobble,decending makes it even worse.I have tried every gain for my Naza, motors wobble on high gains when i do fast moves and low gains makes it drifting or the wind takes it with it. While i hover there is a pulse going on through the motors in circle,like one motor is dropping a tiny bit and then the rest doing a small pulse up to balance it this goes on and on every few seconds (it moves like i yaw just abit right and then goes back).Unfortunately i cant tell which motor is causing it, the pulse goes too fast.Yaw is unstable if i dont release it very slow , else it bumps the quad up most of the times. Any suggestion?
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