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  1. Bill - I run a lawmate 2.4ghz in the 500mw flavor with the rubber ducky. Most flights 0-3 miles are on an 8dbi, anything more and I move to the 14dbi.

    Right now the EZUHF "Lite" is the only limiting factor but I'll be testing a dipole antenna on it so I can expand out to 5 or 6 miles.

    While out at the 3 and 4 mile mark I loitered for quite some time though, battery is the only real limitation at that point!!
  2. Scott
    On one of the threads you mentioned an EZ Star set up for long range. Tiny OSD, Sander's lite LRS, and a 500mw transmitter. Could you tell me a little bit about the video link? (Frequency, antennas etc). I was thinking of trying long range with My EZ Star. Its kind of short on space.

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